Reflection of Mapping Climate Changed

After looking at the graph that I produced of the times Squarzoni used real images in his graphic narrative, it became clear to me that Squarzoni did not randomly use images in his book. When analyzing the “map” I made, I noticed that he uses real images in a stratified fashion.

The question that led me to doing investigating this element of Climate Changed  is my curiosity of what purpose do real images serve in the book. At first, I thought to myself that it might give the topic of Climate Change a more realistic and vivid view, but Squarzoni’s hand-drawn panels are very very realistic.

My map took the shape of the graph because I wanted to dig deeper and try to see where Squarzoni used real images. Because the use of real images is stratified throughout the book, one way that this map would help me analyze and perceive the book from a different perspective is it leads to investigating the pages of the book in which the real images are concentrated; what is so special about these pages that sometimes Squarzoni uses real images twice. One limitation of my map is that it does not visually represent the real images that were used in the book.




Link to the map:

Real Images in Climate Changed

The Dark Knight Rises

I forgot to do this assignment over the break, so it was a bit challenging for me to recreate a movie scene as closely as possible. Then, I got the idea of looking for movie scenes in which the camera is pointing down on the ground so that I avoid as much of the surroundings so that the replication could be as accurate as possible.

The Dark Knight Rises was my favorite movie as a kid and through this assignment, I had the opportunity to recreate a scene from one of my favorite movies.

Analyzing Possible Contributors to a “Good” Day

This week’s Sunday Sketch was one that required more work than previous ones. First, it required tracking data throughout a week before the due date of the Sunday Sketch. Second, I had to rely on applications on my phone that helped me track what I was trying to track especially when the category I was tracking was quantified.

When I was trying to decide what data to track, I reflected on what might be affecting how good my day is, which is the question that all of us had to do. One of the most important factors, if not the most important, to having  a productive day is to sleep for a sufficient amount of time. While I sleep for enough amount of time most of the nights, I still do not feel rested. In an effort to analyze what is affecting my quality of sleep, I tracked an obvious disruptive factor; waking up during the night to use the restroom. I tried to see whether the number of times I woke up during the night had any correlation with the quality and productiveness of my day (Did I have a good day?). In order to tackle the issue of me waking up several times during the night, I tracked how late was my last consumption of water before going to bed. I would then be able to analyze the data and decide whether there is a correlation between my last consumption of water and how many times I wake up during the night. My interpretation of the data is that there is a very weak direct correlation between my last consumption of water and having to wake up during my sleep to use the restroom. I tried not consuming water four hours before bed and yet I woke up to use the restroom.

I also tracked how many times I said the f word. I found that there is a direct correlation between how many times I say the f word and whether the day turned out to be a good one. On average, my use of the f word drastically decreased due to the fact that I had to go on my phone and record every time I said the f word. What I also found interesting is that I cursed more during the days I worked out. Generally speaking, I found that on good days, I woke up less often during the night to pee and I had also worked out during that day.

Eng 101 Data collecting_23937_image001Eng 101 Data collecting_23937_image002Eng 101 Data collecting_23937_image003Eng 101 Data collecting_23937_image004Eng 101 Data collecting_23937_image005

Holes Rough Draft

This sketch was very basic and was more about figuring which moments I wanted to include in my final draft. This rough draft does not have frame shifts or camera angle changes which is something I will focus on in the final draft.

Flowery Ice Cream

This assignment was harder than I expected to be(although warned in class) because the two right photos had to be found in order to match up and look like one photo. Instead of looking for two photos that might fit together, how I went about doing this sketch is by picturing two objects that could fit together and then I looked for specific photos that matched up in size and background color. The reason I did the ice cream cone and the flower bouquet is because that was the first thing that popped up in my head as two items that could fit together in one picture. Sketch 8 eng 101

This activity was not as challenging as the other sketches. The other sketches took much more thinking and creativity in comparison to this activity. Part of it is because I was restricted to what is inside of my bag and had to work with it. Though it was not very challenging, it was fun to see what I could make out of the limited supplies that I found in my backpack.Sketch 6

Reflection about Tracing Maus

Tracing Maus provided for a very unique and new experience that made me step out of my comfort zone to an extent, which is something I like very much about the activities we do in this class. Initially, the tracing part intimidated me. As I began my process of tracing, however, it was not as bad as I expected to be. In fact, I found the tracing part to be the most fun part of the assignment. Not only was very fun to do, it led me to notice details and patterns that I probably would not have noticed before unless I examined the panels very closely.  Although the tracing might have taken longer than I expected, it made all the other parts of the assignment easier because of the observations I was able to make during the tracing process.

First Glance

At first, I did not have any ideas of what to include on my triptych. The first time I tried thinking of ideas, I was not productive for twenty minutes and then I gave up. I was thinking of drawing a comic but I did not have a clue of what to draw. When I was hanging out with my friends, I looked at the window and I immediately made a connection with looking closely through the window and the assignment. It amazed me how I might have thought that spending twenty minutes without being productive was a waste of time. The truth is those twenty minutes are most likely what enabled me to make the connection between what I observed and the assignment.Eng 101 sketch 5