Pattern 3

In page 1, the black person is very easy to be distinguished by Vladeck as a person of color. What is surprising is that the kids suspected Vladeck to be a Jew although there was no way of truly knowing that he was a Jew given what Vladeck was wearing. What is more ironic is that the mothers trusted Vladeck the instant he greeted them with “heil Hitler” and denied that he was a Jew. As for the second page, Vladeck said that he kept an eye on the groceries fearing that the “Shvarster” would steal his groceries. Having observed the panels closely, however, Vladeck never looked back to check on his groceries until the black man left the car. It was as if Vladeck was not actually worried about his groceries but he needed a reason to justify his internal racism and hatred towards black people. Similarly, the Polish and Germans needed a reason to justify their prejudice toward Jewish people and it was that the Jewish people took everyone else’s wealth.