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Choosing comics as a medium to portray a nonfiction story about the cruelty of the Holocaust is a great choice made by Art Spiegleman. Using comics allows Spiegleman to not only bring life to the story, but to also guide the reader to visualize the plots a certain way. Merely writing the story using words leaves the reader with the task to re-imagine the story; the re-imagination is influenced by the reader’s previous life experiences and biased thoughts. Drawing out certain frames of time, however, gives Spiegleman the ability to guide the audience to picture the plot in their minds in a more uniform way.

Initially, I thought the purpose of the book was to educate people about the true horrors of the Holocaust and prevent something like it from happening to Jewish people. After analyzing the second page, however, it seemed that the purpose of the book is to show how racism, in its essence, is a terrible thing.

Throughout the whole story, his father was the victim of racism and prejudice against Jewish people. Reading the second page abruptly shocked me and made me stare at the page for a while. Vladeck was frustrated because a person of color sitting in the car with them. Of all people, I expected Vladeck to be the last person to have any bit of racism in him given the fact that he lived through the horrors racism could bring upon people. While the Holocaust was the example used to demonstrate the consequence of racism, the main purpose of the book is not just to show the horrors of the Holocaust, but racism in general.

Reading the second page also changed my view on who the intended audience is. I thought that the intended audience was non-Jewish people as they might not know about the true horrors of the Holocaust. Having analyzed the second page, it became clear to me that that was not the case. The intended audience was not only non-Jewish people, but everyone including Jews. That page illustrated how even people who have experienced the true horrors of racism could still be racist.  

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