Annotated Page: Maus 2 pg 99

1-Vladeck seems very frustrated and is thinking in Polish. Art does not seem to have any facial expressions and Art’s wife seems glad and welcoming of the black man.

2-In this panel, it is explicitly stated that Vladeck is frustrated because there is a “shvarster” in the car. The black man seems to have moved closer to Vladeck and his wife.

3- The black man had the same facial expressions in all three panels. There is part of a hand coming out of the window waving back at the black man.

4-In the first three panels, not once did Vladeck look back at his groceries nor at the black man. Art’s wife seems shocked of what she just heard.

5- I do not understand why Vladeck would reach back for the groceries. Even though Art’s wife is driving, she seems to be looking at Vladeck the entire time.

6-Art seems to be more shocked than mad at what his dad is saying. Vladeck also says “more smart” rather than “smarter” which suggests that Vladeck is not smart nor are his views intellectual.IMG-0455