Annotated Page: Maus 1 Pg 149

1- How did the kids notice Vladeck even though he seemed to be looking down?

2- The kids seem frightened by Vladeck except for one kid who looks very angry. All of the kids’ faces are white except for Vladeck’s face and another kid, which I thought gestures how the kids and Vladeck looked very much alike. So, how could they have known that he is a Jew? The background goes from being white and descriptive to black reemphasizing the intimidation of the kids.

3-Vladeck is shocked at first and does not take action. In the second panel, the kids were behind Vladeck. In the third panel, the kids are running in front of Vladeck meaning that Vladeck froze in his place.

4-Vladeck did not have a bag in his hand, which goes against what the mothers tell their children about Jews. This raises the question again of how did the kids know Vladeck was a Jew?

5-Vladeck might have been suspected to be a Jew because if it was another Polish man, he might have shown that he was offended by the fact that the kids called him a Jew.

6-Once Vladeck greeted the mothers with “Heil Hitler,” the sixth panel shows how the mothers already trusted Vladeck because they all got closer to him. There is also a baby in panel 6 which reemphasizes the sense of trust the mothers begin to feel toward Vladeck.

7-The fact that the mothers believed Vladeck conveys how similar the Polish were to the Jews. After all, Vladeck is also from Poland

8-Unlike the other panels, the back of Vladeck’s head has diagonal lines.