Reflection of Mapping Climate Changed

After looking at the graph that I produced of the times Squarzoni used real images in his graphic narrative, it became clear to me that Squarzoni did not randomly use images in his book. When analyzing the “map” I made, I noticed that he uses real images in a stratified fashion.

The question that led me to doing investigating this element of Climate Changed  is my curiosity of what purpose do real images serve in the book. At first, I thought to myself that it might give the topic of Climate Change a more realistic and vivid view, but Squarzoni’s hand-drawn panels are very very realistic.

My map took the shape of the graph because I wanted to dig deeper and try to see where Squarzoni used real images. Because the use of real images is stratified throughout the book, one way that this map would help me analyze and perceive the book from a different perspective is it leads to investigating the pages of the book in which the real images are concentrated; what is so special about these pages that sometimes Squarzoni uses real images twice. One limitation of my map is that it does not visually represent the real images that were used in the book.




Link to the map:

Real Images in Climate Changed

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