Yours in Sisterhood

Having watched this video opened my eyes to the obstacles and obstructions women across the country still face. While some might claim that there is no more discrimination against women in the United States, this film proves otherwise based on anecdotes of women who have faced prejudice based on their sex and/or beliefs. This film shows how society has and still profiles women based on their sex.

In contrast to comics, the film contains recorded anecdotes of women who have faced some type of prejudice or discrimination and leaves the rest for the viewer to imagine and explore. Had this video been a comic, the reader would be guided to imagine the experiences these women have been through drawn pictures. Instead of having the complete freedom to re imagine the experience, comics might give a better perspective and tell the story better because there might be implicit details in the pictures that let the reader dive deeper into the story and sort of relive the women’s experiences rather than mere recorded words.

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