Reflection on Holes

In my literacy narrative, I used a lot of the answers to the pre-writing activity questions. It was somewhat challenging to try and piece out the answers together in a flowing fashion because I had ideas and thoughts spread out everywhere. The freewriting exercise was very helpful because it helped me not only brainstorm ideas which I could write about, but also pick the ones that were most meaningful. Having learned English came with many challenges and obstacles along the way. Doing the freewriting activity helped me choose the moments that stood out and had the most impact on not only my reading and writing skills, but my life in general. Reflecting on my literacy narrative, I have learned to appreciate my ESL teacher even more because up until now, I have not realized the amount of impact she has had on shaping the person I am today. Had it not been for her, I would have never had the confidence to overcome my intimidation of reading a long novel, which empowered me in various ways and encouraged me to take on many more challenges like taking advanced classes in English during my high school career.

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