I picked an eagle for my avatar because the traits and characteristics I see in this animal are ones I try to implement in my everyday life. I came from Jordan when I was thirteen years old and I felt trapped in my own comfort zone as I did not speak English very well. Hence, I did not have a healthy social life. What I see in this eagle is determination. And that is exactly what I needed at the time; determination to be comfortable being uncomfortable; determination to pop my bubble and explore a world full of adventures and memories yet to be made.

One of my main goals that I am looking forward to in my life is exploring the world and all it has to offer. An eagle represents freedom; an eagle represents a sense of not being restrained and being able to fly and explore. In the near future, I hope that I will have the freedom to go through adventures all over the world and truly feel free.

The one trait I find interesting the most about an eagle is its sharp vision. Although it is a physical trait, I try to implement it in my life without necessarily having the sharp eyes of an eagle. I value setting long term or short term goals and having a sharp and clear vision of how to go about accomplishing these goals. An eagle is said to be able to spot a rabbit several kilometers away. I try to spot my target and have a clear vision of how I am going to hit that target.

Implementing the traits I see in an eagle will hopefully help me succeed in this course and in college overall. I am sure that visual writing requires me to step out of my comfort zone, but I am also sure that having the determination to be comfortable being uncomfortable will benefit me and develop my writing skills in many many ways.

Source of the image:

Golden Eagle



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